Selected client testimonials from LinkedIn


"Aleksandr really helped bring clarity and order to our enterprise Tableau deployment. He took pains to understand the user base and craft processes and documentation that supported the self-service nature of the Tableau analytics platform. He wrapped up his work cleanly and left our user community in much better place than before his contract with us. I recommend this work!" 


Avi Sen
Senior Director of WW AppleCare Business Insights


"Aleksandr was a wealth of knowledge when we were implementing Tableau at Rally. He was attentive to our needs and made sure that we were leveraging our data to provide for the best outcomes. Aleksandr conducted thorough discovery to better understand our problems and then iterated through several visualizations and dashboards that brought our data to life, giving us the insights we'd been missing. I would highly recommend hiring Aleksandr for his professionalism and expertise." 


Brock Howard
Director of Product Management
Rally Health



"Aleksandr helped build process and documentation around our Tableau infrastructure to ensure the platform was successful for both end users and IT. This allowed for the platform to run more efficiently, and for users to have clear lines of support, quick access to pertinent information, and visibility around the platform. Aleksandr's work is top notch, and he is excellent at cultivating relationships throughout the organization to drive success in his projects. 


Ryan Doptis
Data Science & Analytics

"Aleksandr contributed greatly to our ability to maximize Tableau at Greenleaf by creating workbooks that allowed us to do quick and accurate sales analysis with numerous options and views. I would recommend Aleksandr for any type of similar projects. 


Ted Cavagnaro
Sales Operations Manager


"I sought Aleksandr’s help as my small business transitioned from one client to five in a matter of a few months. The amount of data I received from my clients each day increased exponentially. The requests I received from one client took approximately half an hour to process and then with the addition of new clients, it was now taking 1¼ – 2 hours before the rest of my day even got started.

There wasn’t really an off-the-shelf software solution to my dilemma as the data source and requirements for each client were different. I needed a way to streamline the data into a cohesive list of requests. The goal was to shave off hours of repetitive work and make my business more efficient.

In the beginning, it wasn't clear if a solution was even possible, given the complexity of the problem. The task seemed herculean. I presented this challenge to Aleksandr, and, seemingly out of thin air, he was able to create a solution. Using his keen analytical abilities, dogged determination, and solid work ethic, he demonstrated that miracles can happen.

Soon after implementing Aleksandr's program, a client had a special circumstance that required processing thousands of requests. Before Aleksandr's help, I would not have been able to handle the volume and may have even lost the client. I was thrilled that I was able to process the vast amount of requests within a matter of minutes.

Aleksandr's calm and compassionate demeanor, along with his sense of humor, put me at ease while he taught me the new program. I expect that it will help sustain a great working relationship into the future!" 


Linda Nisbet
Founder & CEO
Nisbet Research