Why visual analytics?

It’s very difficult to derive meaning from rows and rows of numbers in your table or a database. Let's be honest, even a dozen rows of values will make you work really hard trying to spot a trend. There is an alternative. People can use visual representations of complex data through easy-to-understand graphs and charts to uncover actionable insights and effectively communicate the findings with others.

Manually entering the latest costs into spreadsheet cells?
Constantly fixing typos, broken links to data sources, and data fields format?
Love the mental challenge of finding the top 3 products by a gross margin in your table of 76 inventory items?
Don't despair, there is hope. It's called visual analytics.

A more productive and effective way to find patterns would be to set up data visualization reports connected to reusable, trusted, automatically populated, and governed data sources. Tableau allows you to make faster and better business decisions from intuitive, reliable, and easy to interpret visual reports and graphs.


Tableau is a leading visual analytics platform, changing how data is used to find solutions. It is a business intelligence and reporting tool that can connect to almost any data source. You can access, filter, explore, and visually interact with dashboards from anywhere, on any web or mobile device.

Interactive visualizations allow you to interact, explore, filter, sort, rank, highlight, drill through, share, and make faster conclusions about your data. You can see the meaning behind the data and answer more important and deep business questions such as:

  • Why?
  • What outcome is likely to happen?
  • What should we do next to get the desired result?


The time has come to spend less time working with your data and more time on your business by making better decisions based on insights from visual analytics.

Would you like to know how visualizations can help your business?

We are glad to discuss how visual analytics can add value to you.


Charts can help you spot multi-faceted implications for your business.

Consider a simple scenario. You take an action and want to know what outcome it has produced for your business. How many outcomes can an action have? Usually two: good or bad. But what about the third possibility - none, when there is no significant impact. Hold on, smarty data pants. What about the fourth case, when there are both positive and negative results for your company? For example, when one product line succeeds by cannibalizing another one. With visual data analytics, Brightalytics can expose the complexity of multiple impacts and test scenarios that can optimize your business.