Still relying on dumb data?

We make your data bright and actionable by harnessing the power of visual analytics.

Don't have enough time or internal resources to meet your visual analytics needs?
Is your business drowning in dumb data that is not interpreted, analyzed, or acted upon?
Need extra help to go beyond the basic Tableau self-service analytics?

Brightalytics is a visual analytics, data visualization, and Tableau consulting company with expertise in working across functions to visualize financial, healthcare, and marketing data and automate business processes.

Brightalytics uses visual analytics and Tableau services to help our clients solve some of their most complex business problems and achieve their mission-critical priorities. Read our case studies to learn how our solutions allowed companies to:


revenue, ROI, customer satisfaction, conversions, engagement, NPS


healthcare costs, insurance spend, patient unhealthy activities


business and website KPIs, survey results, NPS data, patient clinical outcomes


ad spend, marketing campaigns, web and mobile products


software release cycle to iterate faster


data literacy, self-service analytics, BI


customer pain points, user onboarding time, churn rate


accessibility for users with visual impairments and disabilities

Detect patterns in your data. Connect visual analytics to execution. Chart a path to extraordinary results.

Aleksandr Pekarsky
Founder, Brightalytics

Feel warm and fuzzy about your spreadsheets?
Spend less time working with your data and more time on your business!

Clients we served

Bright insights driving actions to achieve your aspirations!

Brightalytics is a Tableau, visual data analytics, and BI consultancy that magnifies the power of data-driven decision-making. We offer data visualization, Tableau consulting, and data analytics services, and have worked on projects with many well-known brands from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies.

We help organizations turn data into a competitive advantage. No more guesswork! With powerful interactive visualizations companies can measure the quantitative and qualitative impacts of their strategic and tactical decisions, better serve their markets, and get an edge over their competition.

For the past two decades, our core competencies, unique experience, and the value of our services have been shaped by serving clients across industries, functions, and geographies.

[Brightalytics]... conducted thorough discovery to better understand our problems and then iterated through several visualizations and dashboards that brought our data to life, giving us the insights we'd been missing.

Brock Howard
Director of Product Management, Rally Health

Separate the signals from the noise.

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Is your business sailing or sinking while navigating in a sea of data?

Effective data visualizations allow you to discover the tailwind, surface hidden rocks, and draw a navigation map to reach your destination faster. Brightalytics crafts data analytics and interactive data visualization solutions to make data-driven and informed decisions that consistently produce outstanding results.


We partner with our clients to build robust systems and processes to achieve data visibility in order to know what factors help their business sail and recognize those that can sink it.

Do you know which of the tactical decisions make your business stronger and which ones weaken it?

With visualizations and data analytics, you do. No more guesswork!

Can you read your performance metrics accurately?

With visual analytics, you can. Faster. Better. Every time.

Do you interpret your data, discover meaning, gain knowledge, and take effective action?

With Brightalytics you will. Our client success stories showcase how we help companies achieve their mission-critical priorities.