Case study: Visual analytics of member activities increases sales and lowers healthcare and insurance costs

Health app company owned by one of the largest healthcare and insurance companies in the world. The business partners with health plans, care providers, and other companies to provide services to consumers.


San Francisco, California

Tableau, healthcare


The health app company was seeking to understand the activities and behavior of its members and have timely access to the latest data and insights. Brightalytics was chosen to provide the needed Tableau and data visualization expertise. We engaged with product and engineering groups to create new data sources, iterated through UI/UX design, developed reports, and shared them with internal and external stakeholders, national insurance companies, and partners.


During the assignment, Brightalytics created and enhanced several business-critical dashboards that covered monetary and virtual member rewards, clinical data and medical outcomes, user retention, as well as member interaction with the web and mobile digital health app. The reports satisfied HIPAA compliance requirements of PHI and PII.

value add

The developed Tableau dashboards added value to both the sponsoring companies and their employees. Having healthier employees and backing this up with data makes it that much easier for employers to negotiate and lower healthcare and insurance costs.

The digital health company and its clients were able to leverage business intelligence, advanced analytics, and insightful reporting to improve product engagement, optimize the products, grow revenue and business, and lower healthcare costs.


revenue and customer base


advanced analytics, BI, insightful reporting


customer and product engagement


web and mobile products


healthcare and insurance costs


analytics gaps


Members use the mobile digital health app and online health and wellness solution to get healthier by making daily changes, setting missions and goals, and tracking their progress while earning virtual rewards or health points. Users can redeem their points for discounts on products and services, get gift cards, participate in sweepstakes and auctions, or make charitable donations.


Sales and internal product teams were seeking to use statistics about the rewards to help sell web and mobile analytics products to companies. The reporting solution with current data was not available.


Brightalytics, previously known as Pekarsky Consulting, built Tableau virtual rewards dashboard that provided weekly and monthly insights about health points generated and spent over time in aggregation and segmented by a business vertical.



rewards for selected vs previous periods


data by a business vertical


member trends


rewards generation and consumption


effectively to the sponsoring employers and health plans


rewards to the healthy activities

Managers gained the ability to run a comparison of selected vs previous periods for rewards-related transactions, and view member trends as well as total and average health points by a user.


The visual analytics solution and its insights had a positive impact both within the company and among its customers. Internally, this contributed to a better understanding of the rewards generation and consumption, user behavior and preferences, and association of points with the specific healthy activities that members pursued through the app. Externally, the findings allowed client-facing executives to share the effectiveness of the product features with the sponsoring employers.


When the rewards and other app features drove healthy activities that could be tied to better clinical member outcomes, the product added value to both the clients and their employees. Having healthier employees and backing this up with data makes it that much easier for employers to negotiate and lower healthcare and insurance costs.

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